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    Fairfield.Church STUDENT Groups

    Here at Fairfield.Church, we are committed to providing preteens and young adults with a place to develop closer relationships with God and greater love for others. Young people have a chance to perceive a genuine and vibrant community and to spiritually grow together through weekly meetings, activities, serving, and mission trips.
    We want to grow into a larger group because we care about you. We want to learn more about you and to find out what is going on in your life. Fairfield.Church STUDENTS helps us realize this mission. Each week, we will get together to spend time in a small environment to talk, process, and pray about what is happening in your life.

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    Kingdom Kidz

    Our Kingdom Kidz ministry is full of fun and creative activities. The Highway is our weekly ambiance, where the Bible comes to life and becomes personalized for children while playing games, working on various projects, making arts and crafts, and much more.

    We center on creating small groups to spend time sharing their thoughts and questions with a friendly and devoted leader. Since our goal is to collaborate with parents, once a month, we offer an ambiance called FamJam. Here children and parents have an opportunity to study together in a 40-minute creative show with music and video to convey God's love.

    We strive to develop each child physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. Our Kingdom Kidz learn to resolve problems, apply their knowledge, and find their place in the world when they begin to understand the roles of each other. Children participate in diverse creative, thrilling, and fun activities that help them reveal God's love. Together with parents, we are laying the spiritual foundation on which every child can build their life. From the very early stages, we strengthen these basic principles: God created me, Jesus loves me, and the Bible is true.

  • Bridge the Gap Fairfield Outreach

    We are an inner City Rescue ministry! Outreaches to Homeless! Prostitution ministry! Church services! Safe Home for homeless pregnant women.
    In all of the scripture, Jesus reminds us not to close our hands to those in need. Bridge the Gap Fairfield works to serve and provide the people of Fairfield and our surrounding counties, food, supplies, and tools needed to get back on their feet.
    Through Bridge the Gap Fairfield we have weekly street outreach every Tuesday Night, Weekly Worship Services and Free Meals EVERY Wednesday Night, Prostitution Outreach Ministry every Thursday Night, and an Inner City School of Ministry starting in March of 2022.
    Our Operation Compassion project assists those with specific needs when funds are available. Many other projects throughout the year provide for those in our community in need. But, they cannot happen without the gifts of God's People.
    Will you help us extend our hands to those in need? Donate and/or volunteer today!

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    Pastoral Care

    Discipleship, evangelism, and Outreach play a significant role in our Pastoral Care programs. However, at the core of our Pastoral Care program is to be a “shepherd” or caretaker of God’s flock.

    Our pastors and leaders provide biblical counseling, visit the sick and injured in hospitals, and disciple our community through phone calls, lunch meetings, and other social engagements. Our team also serves as chaplains in hospitals, workplaces, schools, and prisons. Caring for people who struggle with difficulty, being present during a time of pain, praying with someone in a crisis—these are the moments when spiritual breakthroughs occur, and our Pastoral Care program extends its hands.

Will You Extend A Helping Hand?

We are a community of People with a mission to tell the world about Jesus through our talents and abilities.
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