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513 874-2434| gro.dogfohcruhcdleifriaf%40ofni

Mission & Vision

“Fairfield Church of God is a place to become disciples who Know, Grow, Sow and Go”


Because we accept God’s invitation to know Him, His Word and will, we pursue him through intimate worship, consistent engagement with His Word and a lifestyle of prayer. We do this individually (daily private prayer and devotion) and corporately (when the church gathers) by God’s design. 


Because as “new creations” in Christ we are destined to live and grow. We grow by connection, interaction and multiplication with other committed disciples. “Iron sharpens iron” and we learn to “one another” God’s way through relationships with others. This includes fellowship, prayer and study with small groups like our Growth Groups and Midweek groups at the church as well as serving with others on ministry teams. 


God invites us to involve and invest ourselves and our resources in His Church and in His mission in the earth. The local church is not only God’s design, it is the most practical and logical place for His disciples to do this. We give financially and of our time and abilities in, to and through the local church God has aligned us with in order to make it better and stronger as well as to see others blessed and come to know Jesus.


One cannot escape the scriptural call from the heart of God to go and tell others about His amazing love, saving grace and invitation to follow Him and be a part of His family. This is where we compel others to KNOW God, GROW with His family, SOW into His work and GO telling others the Good News. Specifically, we share the Good News in our gatherings, ministries, outreaches and personal witnessing. We invite others to join us on the journey.