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In the early to middle 1960’s Reverend Henry Robertson took in 15 members to the Church of God after a week of revival in church on 9th and Ludlow Streets in Hamilton, Ohio. The young church was unable to remain at the location due to city zoning ordinances at the time. Robinson’s church purchased the building at 7th and Chestnut and began to meet in the basement until the former owners moved into their new location on Princeton Road. The church was officially organized with the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee in 1965. After the 7th and Chestnut building was sold, property was purchased and the first sanctuary built at the current location in 1967.

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    The Fairfield Church of God was established. For 50 years now at the current location, faithful pastors and members have ensured that the Spirit-filled message and Gospel of Jesus Christ has had witness to thousands in the area and, for much of its existence, provided a spiritual hub and home for hundreds of believers at a time. 
    Today, Pastors Patrick and Melissa Owens invite you to partner with us as we write the subsequent chapters of this church’s fruitful history. March with us as we move forward into that future together! Learn with us who God is making us and where He is leading us as we endeavor to be and develop disciples who Know, Grow, Sow and Go!